Monday, May 25, 2009

Restaurant Review--Old City House Inn & Restaurant

We were in St. Augustine for a short while yesterday to do some shopping at one of the outlet malls and we decided to have lunch while there. We checked on to see what kind of gift certificates they had available. We found several for lunch that were normally $3 for a $10 certificate. We had a promo code though for a whopping 80% off the cost so were were able to get several different certificates for 60 cents each. What a deal. Makes trying a new place a bit less scary. Check the site for your area and prices.

We chose to go to the Old City House Inn and Restaurant and I think we made a wise choice. Despite the city being VERY busy we walked right in. Parking was on-site which was a blessing. The Inn is located on Cordova St. so it is near the main tourist areas but located far enough away as to not be really noisy. We were greeted promptly and sat immediately. The room was nice, well lit, clean, and had soft music in the background. While not an extensive menu it was quite varied and looks like it changes daily. Chris ordered the hummus plate which included several slices of what appeared to be homemade bread (the waitress did not know and did not find out for us), a red pepper, and a small green salad. She enjoyed it and was unable to finish it all. I ordered the jalapeno cheddar burger. It was a huge half pound burger that was cooked to perfection. I have taken to ordering burgers medium since a medium well burger means well to burned at most places. Medium usually gets me a well done burger but not this time. Like I said they cooked it perfectly. The slices of pepper on top gave it a good amount of additional flavor. The burger came with a mound of french fries. I was stuffed afterwards.

The bill came to about $20 including tip after the gift certificate. Not cheap by any means ($30 for two for lunch without alcohol) but the food was great, the surroundings wonderful, and it was nice to not be crowded out with all the holiday foot traffic. Based upon this visit I can easily recommend dining here and can see why it is award winning.

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