Saturday, November 22, 2008

No, it's not the Six Million Dollar Man!

It's actually a grave marker for Steven Austin at the Edgwater-New Smyrna Cemetery. Pretty impressive and boy does it stick out as all the memorials around it are what is now normal size. This seems more retro in many ways back to when markers were large and grand. I do like it however and wish we did have more large scale monuments in this area. There almost seems to be something lacking in the flat markers that are all so common and required at many cemeteries. Is this a lack of respect and rememberance for the dead? I guess it depends on your point of view really. Use the link below to check out 5 close ups of vaious parts of the marker. Rest in peace Steven.


World of Kris said...

Love this grave marker. The buck statue is beautiful and I love the little bits of personal information in the plaque. He must have really loved A1 sauce, lol!

Redd Family History said...

A1 and Reese's. What a combination. When I first went through this section he only had a funeral home marker. Someone in town let me know of this new marker. It is even more impressive in person.