Friday, November 7, 2008

Improvements at

I just noticed a couple of great improvements at These should be a great help to genealogists and family historians. A submitter now has the ability to easily and quickly link a parent to child. On the left hand side there is a new feature where all you have to know is the findagrave number for a memorial, then add it in the new section, findagrave does the rest. It creates an automatic link to the parents memorial. What a GREAT addition! Maybe soon they will have it go the other way as well so that you can reach a childs site from a parents memorial.

Also, editing a memorial has become easier. Once you post a memorial you can easily go back and add much more material later. Click the edit button on the top. Now you may add birth and death location and other information easily and in one place.

Kudos to Jim and his group for these great improvements. I know some members bitch and moan on the forums page about this and that but come on the site is completely FREE! I can't imagine the time and money it takes to keep this very large site going but overall they do a great job especially when you consider we don't have to pay a cent for it if we don't want to. Now if we could just figure out an easy way to stop people from creating duplicate memorials, duplicate cemeteries, putting memorials in the wrong cemetery, well if you use the site you get my drift. Well, I'm sure Jim and crew are working on it!

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