Saturday, January 10, 2009

Avoid holiday disasters--Funny stuff

I received this little book for Christmas and while it does have some practical advice it is really just funny. The book is The Worst-Case Scneario Survival Handbook:Holidays. There are several books in this series and if this one is any indication they might all be worth checking out if you can find them cheaply or at the library. Some examples of practical advice are How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew, How to put out a grease fire, How to treat food poisoning, and How to untangle Christmas tree lights. Funny ones include How to fend off a charging reindeer, How to repurpose a fruitcake (think doorstop or maybe use it as a dumbell during your next workout), How to treat a tongue stuck to a pole, How to climb down a chimney or rescue someone caught in a chimney, or learn how to wrap a gift when you don't have wrapping paper or tape (use post it notes, aluminum foil and maybe some chewing gum).

160 plus pages of fun. Don't believe me? You will if you ever have to deal with a runaway parade balloon or have to stop a runaway one horse open slegih or want to silence carolers at your door.

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World of Kris said...

I own the original Worst Case survival book. It's been very helpful, lol.