Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sardis Church Cemetery

Tonight I was working my listings at . The cemetery I was working on was Sardis Cemetery in Jefferson County, Florida This is a cemetery that I came across with my wife when we went to Tallahassee to see a Florida State football game--GO NOLES. We were staying at a KOA outside of town and on the way we passed a small church and the cemetery was behind it.

Saturday morning before going in to town for the game we stopped to have a look around. Turns out the cemetery wasn't too big so my wife and I each took a camera and photographed the whole thing. It was already getting hot but I had a good time. There were large numbers of certain surnames including Armistead, Cooksey, Hatchett, McClellan and others. The cemetery included everything from veterans to infants to those almost 100 years old. Truely a local church cemetery.

I was so wrapped up in the cemetery portion I never did get a photo of the church. We're going to another game later this year and staying at the KOA again so I'll stop by and get a few photos of the church.
So far I haven't quite listed half of the photos I took so please check back as I will be adding more names and photos.

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